because of him

I have been LOVING all the #becauseofhim hashtags on Instagram so of course I had to join in ;) #becauseofhim one day we will all live again. and even though its going to be so hard to leave this babe, i can't let that message go unshared. i am so thankful for my savior today and everyday! 
hope you all have the very best day!!! xoxo 


a whole pregnancy people


that right, he's been gone 9 months!!!!! holy cow. where do i even begin? to sum these past months up- i would have to say without them, i wouldn't know who i am. i have grown in so many ways along with him that i can't even describe! being on a gospel basis, mostly ALL the time is actually the best thing in a relationship. it will make you stronger as a whole, TRULY know how important the marriage label is (when the time cometh), and know each other on a deep gospel level. (which is most important) i have learned to love and respect him more than i ever thought i was capable of. yes, i loved him before. but that testimony of his is getting stronger so there goes my feelings along with it. he has already touched the lives of others there, as well as my own and his. i love him, i love his love for the gospel and thats all there is to it! i can't wait to be a missionary with him :) you rock my elder! here's to a pregnancy and half of my mission! YIPEEEE!!!


4/12/14 for the books

a step in my life that i have been dreaming over since the day i could see the temple was made today. as i stepped in the Holy House of the Lord I was excited about making the promises I did with my Heavenly Father. the Temple is pure, it is a place to learn and grow and i truly believe it is here for us to feel as close to the Savior as we possibly can. (along with the work that goes on inside of it) when i was in there i felt happy, i felt the love of Christ and I felt equal to all my surroundings. i was literally "out of the world" and thats something i will always treasure about the temple. i felt like a queen, i knew my worth, and i loved myself. I will never forget today, it was one of the best days of my life. 


all you need to know-

the thought of leaving this little guy has been on my mind a lot lately. and to be honest, i'm not quite sure how i am going to do it. but i am going to do it. i want to be that aunt. the one he loves, misses, looks up to, always. it's not a matter of "missing him" because this is all for him. 

but the best thing for you to do... is not ask me "how are you going to leave him?" because i will tell you "i don't know" but i do know. and that is because i want to be that aunt for my little doodle. and that's all there is to it! do you think i love him to much? or am i just crazy? i mean, look at those sandals! or better yet, look at those legs! WAIT, look at that FACE! mmm. i gotta go eat him, C ya.