i wish there were words to tell you how my farewell went. i don't think if you felt the spirit more than ever, you can describe the feelings. but i will tell you, i know my savior lives. i know he sent families, friends, and neighbors for a reason. i know he puts everyone in our lives for a reason. i am so thankful. so so thankful for everyone in my life that supports me, loves me, and is here for me. i am thankful for the peace God gives me in such a big step in my life. i love his plan, i love his power, and i love that HE is in charge of me. i wouldn't want anyone else in control of my life! i love my God. and he loves you. the countdown is on!! 9 days, i'm ready for ya. 



i feel like this is deja vu. it seems like just yesterday my sweet elder was leaving. (thank heavens its gone quick) i can't believe how quick time goes, how much i love my boy, and how good of a missionary he is. i wouldn't want him anywhere else. i am so excited to grow, for myself, and to become a better person just like him. the gospel definitely brings you together, and i love that about it. i feel peace, love, and gratitude in my Savior's plan. it's His plan, not mine. thats for sure! hey mitchell boy, i hope i can be the kind of missionary you are. 
watch a little vid HERE!!! 



i had the funnest time modeling for a jewelry company! i can't wait for it all to be launched so i can share the beauty with you! too bad it doesn't come out till August- and i'll be Canada bound! but i will have someone here to post that you can see the video that was filmed and tons of pictures!! :) xo



i like 'M' names ;)

what happens when miss Hunter is in town for a sec... we eat, take 1 billion and 2 billion more selfies, we go to red rocks; where she creates the beauty, we drink a lot of coke, and laugh till we pee. and it ends up being the best 2 hours of the week!