lunch d8

since being home, its taken a lot of lunch dates to catch up with my beautiful cousin's life!!! it's amazing all that can happen in just 18 months!



friends!!!! i am back from the best thing i've ever done in my life. i wish there were words to describe such an experience. for those who dont know, i went on a mission trip for my CHURCH in Canada and completely changed. i'm here to tell ya, if you want a new start, new outlook on life, better understanding of what you are to do here on earth, or maybe know where you're going after we die... the church of jesus christ of latter day saints has GOT YOU COVERED! i have never been so happy in my life and i know its because god is so real! thanks for following along, and i'll be sure to tell you of the many experiences i had in beautiful British Columbia!!




i wish there were words to tell you how my farewell went. i don't think if you felt the spirit more than ever, you can describe the feelings. but i will tell you, i know my savior lives. i know he sent families, friends, and neighbors for a reason. i know he puts everyone in our lives for a reason. i am so thankful. so so thankful for everyone in my life that supports me, loves me, and is here for me. i am thankful for the peace God gives me in such a big step in my life. i love his plan, i love his power, and i love that HE is in charge of me. i wouldn't want anyone else in control of my life! i love my God. and he loves you. the countdown is on!! 9 days, i'm ready for ya. 



what happens when miss Hunter is in town for a sec... we eat, take 1 billion and 2 billion more selfies, we go to red rocks; where she creates the beauty, we drink a lot of coke, and laugh till we pee. and it ends up being the best 2 hours of the week!