you probably want to watch my video here first before going any further!!!

most of you probably don't know i decided to go on a mission months ago. with a lot of preparation, thought, prayers, fasts, and advice from people, i knew it was the right thing for me to do. i never imagined this in my plan, nor wanted it in my plan, but i seriously KNOW with all of my heart it will be the best thing i will ever do! 
i received my call yesterday, and i couldn't wait longer than an hour to open it. my plan was to open it completely by myself the first time, but i decided i could do it with the fam at least ;) so, as you can see ^^ i did just that! then i opened it for family and friends later that night. i told my family like every day how i did not want to go to Canada. i just didn't. you ask why? i couldn't tell you. because i don't know why i didn't want to go there!!! apparently, Heavenly Father was throwin me a curve ball because i thought about Canada every day and hated that thought ;) 
after my first reaction to reading it, i have never felt so much peace knowing that Heavenly Father chose that place for me and he is preparing people for me there. WHAT GREATER THING? i am beyond excited. July 9 couldn't come soon enough. thank you for all your sweet comments and love i have received already! it has already been the best decision i have ever made. so what do you say we all preach this gospel, eh? 


  1. congrats. missions are simply the best. I got home from mine in May. I wrote some advice on my mission blog called. www.diaryofasistermissionary.blogspot.com and I have tons of advice and I am here if you have any questions. Don't worry, I got called to the one place i did not want to go....UTAH.

    1. awe thank you! i loved reading those.